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Awareness in self and others



Building Trust with Teams

Accountability in the workplace

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Group Workshops

I host workshops that will help individuals to contribute to the organization mission. As a military spouse with seven moves within 15 years, I’ve experienced firsthand what it feels like to be not be sure how you can make a difference with the company you are a part of. 

In addition to providing requested workshops by you, I also occasionally offer workshops, that are open to all! 

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Professional Development (PD)

Team cohesion, increased performance, and increased retention are only some of the benefits of Professional Development (PD). My topics for PD include:

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Self-Worth for Teams

Any business and its operations demonstrate that the greatest strength is found in its employees (satisfied employees). With many of the first interactions taking place at ground level. What employees contribute, affects the entire organization, and if their contribution ceases to exist, the impact will be felt by every stakeholder. 

My professional development training brings energy, pride, and connection–three factors of workplace teams who bring value as individuals and as a team.

If your organization is interested in professional development training. I’d be glad to speak with a representative to see how I can meet your specific team needs.

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