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The true value of a team is in Self-Worth

Regardless of the skills, education level, status, or the amount of rejection everyone has value, in the workforce. 

Self-Worth in the workplace can help each person to recognize, identify, and take action to create impact in their careers. This contributes to an energized career and confidence.

I combine inspiration with practical strategies to help employees and employers to make the most of opportunities in the workforce

To start the conversation about your next steps..

Training and coaching to create success at all levels!

There are many reasons why investing in coaching and Training for may come in handy, including:


Not everyone feels recognized or welcomed. Your or your team members want to be known for value added in the workplace.

Rejected & Unfulfilled

There may be frustration looming with work life. Employers may have heard rumblings about employees not feeling accepted or fulfilled.

Auto Pilot

If you or your team you are exhausted and decreasing in performance. As an employer, you may have noticed the motivation amongst employee to reach new goals is dwindling, and churn rate has increased.

"People with goals succeed because
they know where they are going."

-Earl Nightingale 

Hi, I'm LaPora

Whether you are a part of a team or you are searching for a new role  if there are feelings of marginalization or a lack of performance

I am here to assure you that you every role in an organization has value! 

With certifications in:

  • Workforce Development
  • Life Coaching
  • Professional Resume Writing
  • Emotional Intelligence 

I have the experience and knowledge to help you approach your mission with self-worth, and address team performance in ways that are tangible and more than just “feel good” terms.

Let’s work together! With the right strategies and support you.  

Read more about me here. 

No matter where you are starting from, each person has the power to

Build Confidence

Gain Respect

Create An Impact

Let's Work Together
LaPora Lindsey - Motivational Speaker

Available for inspirational Keynotes or Professional Development Training.

Approach Success From All Levels

I know all too well how hard it can be, for anyone, to feel like that are making a difference where they work. I want to help you make a confident shift, no matter from an employer’s perspective or employee. All of the strategies that I’ve used over the years are strategically packaged and presented to you. 

My professional development and performance improvement services support individuals and teams to improve their self-worth in the workplace. 

Build Confidence
Gain Respect
Create Impact

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