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LaPora Lindsey – Motivational Speaker | Coach | Author

Your True Value is in Your Self-Worth

Regardless of your skills, education level, status, or the amount of rejection you may have faced everyone has value. 

Self-Worth and Rejection in careers can help you to recognize, identify, and take action to create impact in the workplace. This contributes to an energized career and confidence.

I combine inspiration with practical strategies to help you make the most of your opportunities in the workforce.

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Coaching to approach success from the inside out!

If You Are In a Place

Where You Are- Words


People don’t seem to recognize or welcome your efforts. You want to be known in the workplace, and you’re not sure where to start.

Rejected & Unfulfilled

You are frustrated with your work life. You want to be accepted so that you can feel fulfilled, but you're not sure how.

Auto Pilot

You feel exhausted most of the time and your motivation to reach new goals is dwindling.

"People with goals succeed because
they know where they are going."

-Earl Nightingale 

Hi, I'm LaPora

If you are a part of a team and you or your teammates feel marginalized or unseen in your career or your community…

I am here to assure you that you every role in an organization has value! 

With certifications in:

  • Workforce Development
  • Life Coaching
  • Professional Resume Writing
  • Emotional Intelligence 

I have the experience and knowledge to help you approach your career with self-worth, and address rejection in ways that are tangible and more than just “feel good” terms.

Let’s work together. With the right strategies and support you you can revive and maintain your self-worth, even with rejection.  You are worth it! 

Read more about me here. 

No matter where you are starting from, you have the power to

Build Confidence

Courage to try outside of your comfort zone. Your peers will notice the decisions you make with confidence and conviction.

Gain Respect

With an increase in self-worth, you can foster meaningful and effective relationships at any career level.

Create An Impact

With courage and determination, you can move forward and outward to improve your working environment-for you and others.

Let's Work Together
LaPora Lindsey - Motivational Speaker

Available for inspirational speaking engagements or Professional Development Training.
Self-Worth and Rejection combine can change an impact an individual or an organization.

Services - LaPora Lindsey - Coaching

One-on-one career coaching and resume assistance to help you find a job that’s a good fit for you, and group sessions that guide you through targeted exercises. You’ll reach goals to enhance career performance and maximize your potential.

Approach Success From The Inside Out

I know all too well how hard it can be, for anyone, to transition jobs and careers. I want to help you make a confident shift. All of the strategies that I’ve used over the years are strategically packaged and presented to you, one session at a time. Within just 30 days, you can have an action plan that is customized to your career situation.



Build Confidence
Gain Respect
Create Impact

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